One Acts


Cast: 2

On their last day of Catholic school, two sisters decide to rebel a little. But when older sister Mercy sees her little sister Mary Helen is growing up a little too fast, she has to rethink what a little rebellion could do to their relationship.

Slow Your Roll was featured in the 10th Annual Native Voices Short Play Festival: More than Moccasins at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles.


Two young sisters smile with an older relative between them.

Cast: 3

When two sisters are caught in a storm, they are taken in by the reclusive Tamale Man. Curious, the girls explore his home only to discover much more than they thought they might— about family, courage, and the power of words.

The Tamale Man was featured in the 2018 Native Voices Short Play Festival at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles.


Cast: 5

In this “poetry-play,” memorable figures of Greek and Egyptian mythology are recast as four young Black folks from Minnesota. Exploring the intersections of Black mental health with racial and LGBTQ identities, Black Narcissus imagines a magical realist creative space in which silenced voices can finally be heard and therapy is as simple as weighing a heart.

Black Narcissus was featured in the inaugural Harvard Black Playwrights’ Festival in 2018.


Adam and Eve sitting on a rock.

Cast 2:

After Adam and Eve are ousted from the Garden, they must confront the new world. But, how will they build a new home without reckoning with their underlying resentments.

Eve was featured in the 2013 Harvard-Westlake Playwrights Festival and The Blank Theater’s 2013 Young Playwrights Festival.


Young man attacking a nerd on a couch while another young man looks on.
Left to right: Arjun Gupta, Matthew Scott Montgomery, and Michael Grant Terry

Cast: 6-7

The Son Also Rises explores a group of friend’s rise into adulthood. Jake is a nineteen-year-old on a perpetual gap year from Princeton still trying to figure out who he wants to be. When his high school buddy Josh comes to visit and is introduced to Jake’s new friends: the raucous Will and alluring Andy, the status quo that they all hold so dear gets turned on its head. Will they keep it together long enough to get to the Pampalana Music Festival?

The Son Also Rises was featured in The Blank Theater’s 2014 Young Playwrights Festival and at the Adams Pool Theater (Harvard College) in 2015.