Crocodile Day

Comedy/Drama. Family-friendly. Cast: 5-8

In this reimagining of Peter Pan from the perspective of Neverland’s Indigenous tribe, twins Tho and Satesan are tasked with summoning Crocodile to their people’s most treasured celebration: Crocodile Day! But on an island filled with pesky fairies, greedy pirates, deadly mermaids, and that annoying flying boy, success seems near-impossible. Through this heartfelt and hilarious journey, they find the strength to overcome their doubts and a way to tell their own story.

Crocodile Day was commissioned by the Urbanite Theater in Sarasota in 2020 and workshopped in 2021. It was a part of AlterTheatre’s Arts Learning Project in 2022.

Crocodile Day is available for purchase and licensing through Playscripts. Click here.