A Week at Native Voices!

What a wild ride!

When I learned that my play Bad Medicine had been selected for Native Voices’ 28th Festival of New Plays, I was so excited to dive into this week of workshopping! I had such a wonderful time listening to the cold read at La Jolla Playhouse and hearing the audience’s laughter and gasps as the story unfolded. I was also immensely moved by Laura Shamas’ Four Women in Red, the other play featured in the festival. But that was just the start of an enlightening and vigorous journey to put the work on its feet a week later at the Autry’s American Indian Arts Marketplace!

I can honestly say that this festival was one of my most fruitful experiences as a playwright to date, and I owe that to the insight, creativity, and commitment of Shirley Fishman, Katie Rich, Adrieanne Perez, Elisa Blandford, and DeLanna Studi, as well as the stellar cast: Jennifer Bobiwash, Samantha Bowling, Rainbow Dickerson, Jason Grasl, Maggie McCollester, and Enrico Nassi. It was such a joy to watch you all bring these characters to life!

A recording of the staged reading will be available for one week, which I will share once it is available!

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