‘Bad Medicine’ in Native Voices 28th Festival of New Plays

This June, my play ‘Bad Medicine’ (formerly ‘The Pretendians’) will be part of Native Voices at the Autry’s 28th Festival of New Plays! Laura Shamas’ ‘Four Women in Red’ will be presented as well. Readings will be hosted at La Jolla Playhouse on a June 4 and at the Autry Museum on June 11 in tandem with the American Indian Arts Marketplace.

About the play: Aislin and her husband Cesar are excited to settle into their new home in Proctor, Massachusetts. Even their nosy white neighbors seem nice enough. But as Aislin becomes aware of strange occurrences surrounding her job at the Natural History Museum, she starts to wonder if there might be something insidious beneath the sleepy town. After Shannon— her only Native coworker— mysteriously disappears, she realizes the nightmares she’s been having may be more than just dreams. Will she discover the town’s secrets, or will her insecurities keep her from pursuing the truth?

Click here to reserve (free!) tickets and read more about the event

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