Reading by Native Voices Last Weekend

Last weekend I had the absolute privilege of attending Native Voice’s Eighth Annual Short Play Festival at the Autry Museum in LA.  The theme was FOOD!, which inspired me to pen a play called “The Tamale Man” over the summer inspired by an episode from my grandpa’s childhood. In the midst of the devastating fires just a few miles from my family home, attending this festival lifted my spirits. I was so ecstatic to be surrounded by friends and family who had come out to support me.

We all had so much fun walking around the American Indian Markeplace outside the theater (and finding some unique Christmas presents), chowing down on fry bread, and of course watching the six other plays in the festival! I spoke to lots of lovely people and felt thrilled to have been a part of a festival dedicated to native artists. Thanks to Jessica (my dramaturg), Rachel, Emily, and Rob (my director), and Duane (my actors), all the festival readers and people who created that space!

And thanks to RaeAnn, who forwarded me some photos of the process!


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