P.C. Verrone is a novelist, playwright, theatrical artist, and storyteller.


My Work

Short Fiction

Book cover with illustration of streetlight and tops of houses with text "Bridport Prize Anthology 2021"


Calamus: Image of two men kissing with a flower covering their lips.
Image of a statue of an angel.
Outline of a Native American headdress inside a snake-headed Celtic knot.
Pink nail polish bottles scattered across a pink table. Text: Slow Your Roll
Tamales on a wood surface. Text: The Tamale Man
Eve: Image of a rotting apple
The Son Also Rises: Imagine of a festival and night sky
The back of a young man's head in the middle of a party. Text: black narcissus
The Little White Man Means Go: Parody of a caution sign with a man slipping on a banana